Morel Craze

Just an hour drive from Medford’s core lies a network of old logging roads plush with wild flowers and . . . morels. Head towards Prospect on Butte Falls-Prospect Hwy and take any number of the marked side roads for success!

Bring a map!

I like to hone in on young logging sites. The disruption of the soil combined with the spores being tracked around by heavy equipment leads to high yields in these areas. However, morels still come up in sites that are years older. Unless marked, I attempt to gauge the age of a logging site by the height of the planted trees. They are planted as seedlings and  grow 2-4″ a year.


The soil looks dry and unproductive from afar, but I was surprised when I stuck my finger into the dirt how moist it was right underneath the surface. Since this was an older logging I site, I was not expecting much but took a look around anyways.


Among the grass blades and dried plant debris were morels. The more I looked around, the more I found. It was intriguing how hidden these morels were. The children had a good time digging through the grass!

It never seizes to amaze me how elusive yet abundant morel mushrooms are here in Southern Oregon. It is an extension of Easter for my family. The hunt continues . . .

Mary Jane Feetham

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