A boy raised in the thick

An audacious personality is sometimes put away by the need to fit in. So is the case with a young man by the name of Captain River Sage Henry Scheelhaase. By a surname that proceeded his legacy, Captain seemed to be born into a tumultuous heritage. Raised among hillbillies and savages, survival was the key element.  As a young man, he shied away from his adventurous nature. Afraid perhaps his imagination, as well as his spirit akin to his relatives, would make him different from his peers. In his life’s darkest moments, he realized he found solace in the outdoors. Outside his imagination ran free. From glaciers to dragons to green woodland fairies and desert warriors,  Captain dreamed his thoughts. Dispelling his social anxiety became common place; alone with nature. Disrobing his soul, he went naked into this world, claiming his domain. What once made him different, becomes his Kingdom.


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