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Bicycling in Bend

Bicycling in Bend

Bend is a very special place to me three hours from Medford. For a small city, it is very much about outdoor activity, and the way the town is laid out, promotes that. The Deschutes River runs through it, perfect for water play opportunities such as rafting or kayaking. The town is surrounded by awesome forests and geological sites, which means there are plenty places to hike. And biking is a big thing!

I love bicycles and I use to ride them every day. Before children and before I turned 30, of course. But living my life to the fullest sometimes means getting back on that long lost horse. And just like they tell you, bike riding is a breeze to pick back up even years later.


I made the decision to ride an electric bike for two reasons: I have never done it before and I was not sure I was in good enough shape to bike 2 children for long distances.

After a little bit of research I found Bend Electric Bikes. They are home of the latest, greatest electric bike models and are extremely affordable. We paid $40 for each bike and were set up to carry 2 children each. The bikes convert to carry all sizes of children, so it was very neat that my 9 year old son and both of my children under 2 were able to be accommodated, as was my 5 year old niece.

Ultimately I could not have been happier about my decision. Getting places was easy on an electric bike. When I saw a hill ahead, I simply reached down and turned the “assist” up a notch. Biking around Bend was a breeze. There is a network of trails leading around and out of town, from mountain biking trails to large, paved paths along the Deschutes River.


Between my sister and I, we had 4 children and 2 electric bikes. And it could not have been possible without the extra help an electric bike provides. I still got a work out, but I was not inhibited by my lack of “bike muscles” when we chose our routes. There are many nice parks down town to stop and break at and the food is everywhere in Bend!

We will be back to explore Bend further on the bicycle and I love that my children are able to enjoy this great activity with me, thanks to the wonderful staff and equipment at Bend Electric Bikes and my wonderful sister, Claire!

Mary Jane Feetham